So you want to buy a property, but what do you need to do to put yourself into the best position to pounce on that perfect property? 

Here are a few things for seasoned purchasers and First Home Buyers alike …

Get your team together

Well you have taken the first step you have us, V J Tait & Associates, your property Conveyancers.  What do we do?   We will check your contracts and discuss and advise you regarding each property, once you proceed, we will then work with your bank or broker and yourselves right to the end when the property is transferred into your name.    We of course do a lot of other things in the middle, but we are here to help you through the whole process.

Next in your team your banker or broker —  you need to have your loan pre-approved ready to go.   Banks can take up to 4 weeks to give you a pre-approval, so by having this ready to go before you look for a property, you are ahead of those buyers who haven’t done their homework.    Once you find the property your bank will still need to value the property which can take up to another 10 days so make sure you have your pre-approval in order before you start the search for your dream propery.

Inspectors – buying a house or a unit, there are various inspections that we strongly recommend,  pest and building reports for house and a strata report for a unit,  if you don’t have access to these services, don’t worry, we have trusted inspectors that we can arrange for you.

What next?

Your Identity is a huge requirement when purchasing a property and you will probably need to ID yourself a couple of times to different people, so get your papers together, passport and drivers licence are required.   If you don’t have a passport you will need your birth certificate, medicare card and marriage certificate for the ladies if you are married.    Collect it all together ready to go.

Know what you are looking for – no point looking at everything if it doesn’t meet your criteria.   Know your budget and your needs.   Eg:  how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, garages, yard or no yard, pool or no pool, single story double story etc.

This is just  a start, give us a call to chat through more information regarding your purchase.

We can help you through every stage of your property journey, so contact us and we can set you on the right path.

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