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Well you have taken the first step you have Us, V J Tait & Associates, your property conveyancers.  What do we do?   We will prepare your contract for sale to enable your agent to put your property on the market and SOLD.     Once exchanged, we will work with your estate agent and bank/broker and yourselves right to the end when the property is transferred out of  your name.    We of course do a lot of other things in the middle, but we are here to help you through the whole process.

Real Estate Agent -you need to choose who you are going to trust to work with you and achieve the best possible price for you –  remember you are putting your financial situation in their hands, so make sure you like the agent, trust your agent.     I have had clients in the past tell me that they avoid phone calls from their agent as they don’t like them, well that is not very good if your agent is trying to ring you with an offer – so please interview a few agents and put them in order of who you could work with the best and who you believe will do the best job for you.

Inspectors – yes that is right, you are selling but you may need some inspections

If you have a swimming pool – you will need a pool inspection for a compliance or non-compliance certificate – we can help you with inspectors if you don’t have one

Pest and building reports – it is not a legal requirement for a vendor to have these reports available some agents do recommend them for use for purchasers that is up to you, however some vendors like to have these inspections done before going on the market so you know your propertys condition so purchasers don’t pull the wool over your eyes.

You mortgage – yes that is right, you need to have available details of your loan number and if you have a private banker you need to have their information available for us when you have exchanged the contracts to ensure that your sale runs smoothly.   If you are in default or have an arrangement with your bank, you need to tell us.

If you don’t have a mortgage, where is your certificate of title??    We must have the original document for settlement, if you can’t find it we may need to order a new certificate which takes time.   We also need to make sure it is the original (so many clients think they have it to find out it is a copy)   Get this to us early so we don’t have any delays at settlement.

Garden and styling of your home – a lot of agents will encourage you to do this and they will have details for these people to help you

Give us a call to chat through other things that need to be arranged for your circumstances.

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